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Every phase of our lives, open our eyes to know more about life and what it entails. Before now, like decades ago what i know how to do when life throws a tantrum at me, was running away. If you had asked why I'm running, obviously, I had no other reason than surviving. After much touring on plant earth (not by age) i got to discovered that running away from your fear, will open door to more fears. If care is not taken, you will eventually die out of fear.

So i began to apply the method of face your fear. Finally i have build up my courage to face my fear, but here is another problem, no tactics on how to overcome the fear. When two individual face-off each other in a battle, most time its not about strength, its applying the right strategy that makes one win. Facing the fear without strategy hmm is just like running away from the fear.

Yesterday Morning I discovered another technique and its to walk through your fear. We all have our fears in life. Though am still on the search for more, but as of now, walk through your fear is the best so far. I'm writing from my day-to-day life experiences. Till we meet again #peace #preshpen


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