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Whispering adults, hushing and shushing around, speaking in low hums, unintelligible jibbrish. What are they saying? 

Gossiping? Poking fun at scruffy, different people? At children and youngsters?

Judging scowling adults. Knitted, arched eyebrows here, there and everywhere. sarcastic, frustrated, questioning and worried looks. Infecting and affecting the students. What are they so grumpy about?

Adults with their Exaggerated, grotesque expressions, and overly-polite ways - deceiving. 

Beady, keen eyes. Stiff, pale lips and wagging fingers. "No, no ,no."


Nagging adults " do this and not that" "responsibility this and that"

How odd.
Odd, odd adults.


  • Nov 12, 2020

  • Nov 16, 2020

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