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As the storm rages louder, I'm trapped inside sick. Schools are shut down, probably just to reopen again tomorrow. That's what they've been doing. They close, they open, and now they're closed again. I'm at least glad that I wont technically be missing out on any work while I'm away. I wasn't sure if they'd close again, but watching the rain pour down, and the wind flow uncontrollably, I assumed they would. I love storms, despite having a slight fear of lightning. I love watching the rain as it falls, and makes the tiniest splash the instant it hits the surface. I love watching the wind control the leaves of the trees. Swaying side to side, as if they're dancing. I love that relaxing feeling that follows every drop of rain. It's soothing. Helps me to fall asleep when I really need it. With me always getting sick, and my worsening allergies, I need this time to get myself together. Maybe rest a bit. Try to get better. That feeling of sudden tranquility during every storm really helps me to do that. I love everything about it. From the icy breeze, to the dancing trees, and the sound of the rain, to the stillness obtained.  It couldn't get any better.


  • Nov 11, 2020

  • Nov 11, 2020

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