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Batwoman Volume 1: a new city of Philadelphia 
Setting: Philadelphia 
Characters of the story: Jessica, Nikki, Robin, Batwoman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Catman, Rachel Roth, Raven, Supergirl, Batgirl.
Present by TH Story category: action, drama, romance, adventure, sci-fi, music. 8/15/19-9/23/2020 
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Present by author Sid Ahmed 12 chapters 
The intro of the story: Jessica dreams about a superhero and helping people. She wants to be a superhero name's Batwomen. Jessica met Nikki in the middle school of Philadelphia. Jessica met another boy in her new school. Jessica's father working in the company Name is Creates Superhero young. Nikki shares her story about how she met Jessica in middle school, then Nikki Get Bully by some students in middle school, Jessica Come to help Nikki, but Jessica does not know her. Jessica started talking with them and they started running out. Then they saw Jessica come to stop the bully.
 Jessica doesn't love school because she thought her teacher didn't love her. Jessica tells her mom, about her teacher doesn't like me. Jessica's mom says" don't think like that is bad. The intro of the story ends here.
Setting: Philadelphia, USA, Gotham City.
Chapter 1: the beginning of Batwoman life
Batwomen Was born in 2001, on June 22. Batwoman's real name is Jessica Simpson. She discovers her power then she is 5-years-old. She meets her cousin in North Philadelphia, her cousin's name is Tommy John, Tommy John is Batman. Then she saw her cousin wearing a Batman costume. She thinks one day, she will be the new Batwoman. She likes to be her cousin because he is Batman for life. Then Jessica Simpson her birthday, she turned 16-years-old, then she turns 16-year-old thinking find love for the first time. Her family moves outside the city. Because of her father finding jobs In different Cities in Philadelphia. The city's name is Allentown, PA. 
This town is rich in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jessica Simpson is sad because she was leaving downtown Philadelphia, PA. Her family leaves Philadelphia, PA because of her father's finding jobs outside downtown. Then Jessica Simpson enters the new house her family buys. she's was happy and at the same time but she was sad to leave the city. 
Jessica Simpson chose her new bathroom. She had a big bathroom, she never dreamed of it. When She opened the window, she saw her neighbor looking at her window. Jessica Simpson thinking about visiting her neighbor after the finish put her stuff in the right places. 
After she was finished, she went to visit the neighbor, she went there, a girl was opening the door, Jessica introduced herself. Jessica says ``My name is Jessica Simpson and tell your name. The girl says" my name is Nikki Tommy. Jessica Simpson says" I like your name. Nikki says" thank you for saying to me. Jessica Simpson says" welcome. Nikki says" Jessica is you new in this town. (Respond) Jessica, ``Yes, I am New in this town". 
Nikki says" you have any friends outside this town". Jessica says" I don't have any friends in Allentown, PA". Nikki says" I will be your best friend you want to." 
Jessica Simpson says" thank you for saying that to me. 
(Chapter 1 ends here.)
 Chapter 2: visit her cousin in Philadelphia, Gotham city.
In 2 hours, Jessica is leaving to see her cousin. 
Her mom tells her you, going to see your cousin in Gotham City. Jessica is excited to see her cousin and she thought to take her friend Nikki with her. Jessica's mom drove them to her cousin's house for a few hours. When Jessica enters the house of her cousin. Does Nikki ask Jessica who is your cousin? Jessica says, ``He is a rich man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nikki says" ?wow you lucky girls I never know in my life.  
Jessica says" Thanks to you for saying that to me. Jessica's cousin came to say hi to them both. Nikki says, ``What his name is Jessica? Jessica says" My cousin's name is Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is Batman, but he stops to be the hero because he rises kids to be like Batman. Bruce Wayne is Mary with a beautiful woman. Bruce Wayne introduced his wife to Jessica and Nikki. Jessica is not known Bruce Wayne is Batman. One day, Jessica inter secret room for Bruce Wayne, and she is shocked !! and she finds Bruce Wayne is Batman. Jessica is wearing a Batman costume and changes to batwoman. Bruce Wayne inter secret room and he saw Jessica wears his Batman. Bruce Wayne is surprised when Jessica wearing his is Batman. Chapter 2 ends here.
Chapter 3: Bruce Wayne stories and Nikki stories
10 years ago, Bruce Wayne lasts his family because Joker killed his mother and his father. 
Bruce Wayne remembers his face. At that time, Bruce Wayne is kids. Bruce Wayne crying when he last his family. He grew up with his grandfather. 2 years ago, Bruce Wayne died his grandfather by accident, car. That Time Bruce Wayne is 16-years-old. 
 5 years ago, Nikki had an accident car. she survived the accident. Her family came to the hospital to see her. Her family got scared about what happened. When an accident happened to Nikki, she was a 13- year- old. She spent 2 years in the hospital. Her family thinking of moving out of this state. After that happens, Nikki's life changes to the best she can. Chapter 3 ends here. 
Chapter 4: Ghost-Girl stealing the bank. 
3 months ago, Ghost-girl robbed the bank by herself, without help. When Batman hears about the ghost-girl stealing from the bank. Batman started his invitation to ghost-girl stealing from the bank. Then Batman figures out how to catch Ghost-girl before she stealth more banks. 
The hold of things is a story. That time Jessica was born in 2001. (June 22, 2001) Jessica is 20-year-old. Jessica has a mystery cousin. Her cousin is Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne is Batman. Ghost-Girl Try to steal more money from rich people. 
Batman starts a search for more information about ghost-girl, he was talking with the homeless about ghost-girl. Jessica wants to find new friends who can help to choose her to pass before they forget about their future. Ghost-Girl walking and she met Batman and Catwoman. 
Jessica wants to find love or adventure. 
Jessica Simpson goes with her friend's house. Her Friend's name is Nikki. Jessica meets friends in the new house. 
One day, Jessica wants to travel to South Korea with her family and friends. Chapter 4 ends here. 
Chapter 5: Jessica travels to South Korea in the summertime.
Her family tells her the surprise of traveling to South Korea for vacation for 2 months. 
Jessica says can Nikki go with us in South Korea, Jessica's mother says maybe I wanted to tell something your cousin is coming with us with his family. After that, Jessica calls Nikki to ask her, you want to come with my family, we travel to South Korea. Nikki answer I will ask my family to go with you and your family. Nikki mothers say yes, but I have two rules, the first rule is don't run around, the 2nd rule is following Jessica family and listen to them. Time for travel to South Korea. When they land in the soul, South Korea. They are happy and existing. Jessica is existing to export Seoul with her family. The name of the hotel is soul 5 stars. 

When Jessica went to the hotel and something happened in the hotel the policeman Shows Protects Jessica Family. Jessica is excited because She never visited South Korea. Chapter 5 ends here. 
Chapter 6: The First Day in South Korea
When Jessica Family Wake up existed to check Seoul and have fun in the city. A Tour Guy Showing around her family. 
One day, Jessica Simpson Walking in the streets. She was scared because the first time in Seoul, South Korea. Her mom walks by herself outside the hotel. A Thief stolen from her bags. But Her mom protects herself from the thief. Thief gets hit by cars and he gets beat up by Jessica's mom. When the police came to the scene they catch him and arrest him. Police office asking what happened here. Jessica's mom says he stalled my bags. The police officer says thank you for telling me about what happened here.  
Jessica's mom says you welcome save me from the thief. 
Jessica's mom went back to the hotel to tell her family 👪 and Nikki, what happens in here way to the hotel. 
Jessica tells her mom to be careful out there in the street. 
(Chapter 6 ends here) 
Chapter 7: Beach Time with family 
When the time for the beach, ☀️ people will be on the beach and having fun and swimming. Jessica's family and Nikki going to the beach in Seoul, South Korea 🇰🇷 for the first time. They went to some problems on the way to the beach. The problem ⚠️ is they forgot to put gas in the van. The second problem is they forget to bring food with them to the beach. Her father went to the gas station ⛽ to fill the van with gas.
After they fill gas. 
They went to a restaurant to have lunch at the beach. Jessica swimming, on the ocean, and a guy coming to her ask you are single. Jessica says she came to the beach to have fun and make friends on the beach. Not find love here. Guy says" I am sorry to bother you and my name is Jeff Brown. Jeff Brown says" What is your name? Jessica says" My name is Jessica Simpson. Jeff Brown says" What is your age? Jessica Simpson says" I am 19 years old, and What is your age? 
Jeff Brown Says" I am 20 years old. Jeff Brown Says" I can take you to date today at 8:30 P.M. Jessica Simpson says" Yes, I will do, but Meet Me at my hotel. Jeff Brown says" I see you at that time. Jeff Brown says" Can I give you some love. 
Jessica Simpson Says" I will give you love now before I leave the beach with my family. 
The Time for the date with Jessica Simpson and Jeff Brown. Jeff Brown came to Jessica's hotel. But Jessica Simpson waits outside for Jeff Brown.
When Jessica Simpson saw Jeff Brown waving her at.  
(Chapter 7 End Here) 
Chapter 8: Jessica Dating Jeff Brown 
Jessica Wake up in the morning talking about dating with Jeff Brown.
Her Mom, Who are you thinking about Jessica? Jessica Says" I Am Dating man his name is Jeff Brown. I met him at the beach. Jessica Mom Says" Why you don't tell you to have a boyfriend? 
Jessica Says" In the beginning, I felt this relationship is not really at that time. 
Jessica Mom understands that now. And thank you for sharing that with me. 
2 hours ago, Jessica and Jeff went to the movie theater for the first date 👫. 
The name of the movie is Red Fox and Warrior Fox. This movie is about two people from different gangs. The girl from Red Fox gangs and the boy from Warrior Fox gangs. They date. But they get in trouble to love each other. 
This movie is at 2:30:15.  
After the movie is done. Jessica and Jeff went to eat at restaurants call French Fries 
And Chicken 🍗. After they Eat. Jessica and Jeff went to a party at a big club name is Korean Park. (Chapter 8 ends here.)
Chapter 9: The last day of South Korea 
Jessica and Her family and Nikki felt that time go back to Philadelphia, PA, USA. 
Before they leave South Korea. They want to have more fun in South Korea. Before they leave the country. They went to the famous park in Seoul, South Korea.  
They are excited to go to Famous Park in Seoul, South Korea. Jeff and Jessica still love each other. They have fun at the famous party. Before they are going to the ride. They went to eat lunch. At the famous park. Jessica asks Jeff why you like me? 
Jeff says" Because you are beautiful and you smell good. Jessica Says" That Nice to say to me. Just why I like you, Jeff. 
Jeff Says" thank you for saying that to me.
Jessica says" You welcome. 
The time goes back to Philadelphia, PA, USA. (Chapter 9 ends here.)
Chapter 10: Batwoman and Batman meet. 
When Batwoman met Batman for the first time outside Gotham City. She is very happy and ready for Journey with Batman. 
Batman is excited for journey with Batwomen in Gotham City. The first mission, Batman wants test Batwoman in about catch big thief in Gotham City. 
Batwomen ask Batman why you hide in the shadow? 
Batman because I take vacation with my girlfriend and my Wife. 
Ghost- Girl crew they Attacks the police station to help their people got Arrested by Batwoman and Batman, By Cops. 
Ghost-Girl Crew they take Whole Place by Force because Help their People. 
The police officer In the Station calling for help from Station. Batwoman and Batman they went to help the cop stuck their in the Station by Ghost-Girl Crew. 
The Ghost-Girl Crew ran out from the Police Department Because they find out Batwomen and Batman come in the police department to save them. 
When they ran out from the Police Department. They Got surrounded by Batwoman and Batman / Police Department SWAT. The Ghost-Girl Crew they fighting back against Batwomen and Batman/ The SWAT. They Ran out the scene. They Feel happy because help their people from The jail. 
(Chapter 10 Ends Here) 
Chapter 11: Ghost-Girl Crew Turf
When Ghost-Girl Crew Turf attacking 
The bank 🏦 Stalked more information about Batwoman and Sid The Rapper. 
Batwoman helping the bank from Ghost-Girl Crew Turf because they attacking the bank with Animals Gangs.
But Big Tela helping Batwoman from Ghost-Girl Crew Turf because they trying to protect the Civil from the Gangs. 
Big Tela trying to love Batwoman because she Stella his wallet because she's to play with him. Big Tela hates people who trying hurt people in the street. 
Batwomen ask Big Tela or (S.T.R) for
He refuse because he want making friends
First. (Chapter 11 ends here) 
Chapter 12: Big Tela VS Batwoma
Big Tela wake up at the morning talking with his friends with smiling. 
Big Tela trying tell the civilian careful about what you said about Little Becca Turf.
Because people don't know about Big Tela
Is bad or Helping mayor. 
Batwoman helping the Big Tela. 
She Ask Can you help with a mission about Catch Ghost Girl Crew in South 
Gotham, Philadelphia.
BatWoman and Big Tela Went to see the Ghost Girl Crew in South Gotham, Philadelphia. 
Big Tela Starts attacking Ghost Girl Crew in the building of Ghost Girl Crew.
The Ghost Girl Origination they Surprised by BigTale and Batwoman.
Her security Man got Hurt and got Killed by Big Tela and Batwoman.
Ghost Girl run out from the building, but Seeing police OutSide waiting for her.
Ghost Girl Crew Got Beat up by Batwoman and BigTale.
She got Arrested By Police of South Gotham. After The Shoot.
The Police Of South Gotham, they asks questions to Batwoman and BigTale.
BatWoman and BigTale run out from the scene. The Police officer got confused about both. BatWoman and BigTale love each other and Kisses under Moon 🌝. 
(Chapter 12 End Here) 


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