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Chapter 1: Start The Trip To Dubai 
Category: Action, Adventure, Romantic, Drama. 
The story start with his family, he leave london for 2 hours ago, he say bye my family I see you next time, his mother said goodbye, his mother cry because he leave london, he have fun in a plane, before that happen, but I think the best way to show up the tickets. I have one think about love the idea fly to Dubai, but let's go to Dubai, he ask about the fly take how many minutes ,she said take 21 hours and five minutes, she said we landing on different country for 20 minutes to take break from fly, he say what country we land? She said we landing in germany, he asks questions about the food,she said that not happen right now, he says sorry ask about the food, she say ok asking for the food in the alpan, she say in the apartheid they have food, she say not have more time in apartheid because we to fly to Dubai. Right now and then you have any other questions, right now don't have any questions right now, in alpan I watch 10 movie, I complete the movie all 10 the movie. She say time for food, I listen to song for 2 hours, I listen to the album is call know you by lil Wayne, and I will be a strong man, she say time for another food, I eat my food right now, she said time for landing in Dubai, she talk with people in the alpan,I tell you about the plan, why I am in Dubai? Because I want make friends in Dubai, I want start the trip in Dubai. The end of the chapter 1. I see soon.
Chapter 2: First Time in Dubai 
He wakeup in the hotel, after the flight he in the hotel with his stuff he coming the check hotel room, after one hour he wakeup to see the food, the food not come to his room Yet. I'm not sure if you are looking for fun right now, he says sorry ask about the food, he love the flight to Dubai, he want to work with the police to films some movies about the police in Dubai, he went to police station in Dubai, but let's see what happens when you get the best way to fly out london,we doing anything tonight at the same thing with police officer, and I will they films the best movie about police. Today is Wednesday, we doing anything for the first film the movie in Dubai or part one in Wednesday, part one we doing in the hotel, the first part we doing in hotel, we still talking about the new story about the police and the other stuff in the film, the story talking about the police help people, like me or my family and friends. Tomorrow we still working on the film, the film take two months, I say how many long the movie, they say take 1 hour and 30 minutes (1:30:00) & the best way for me to be actor in the first movie for myself, he say in the past, I want be to best actor in the future,part we doing anything for the film, we doing in the part 2, I act like police officer in the movie, my mission is to find the crime in the street to stop them right now or arrested right now. I will be a friend with people, in Dubai the film take in the big tower in Dubai, but let's see if you are looking for trouble in Dubai or police station, they have good police officer, and I will be a good time for the next day, in the film we did not have many actor to do the characters, for 22 hours ago I left the the studio with my new friend. The chapter 2 is end, I see you next time soon.
Chapter 3: Most Done The Movies 
My heart is breaking the wall and the best way to show up making adventure with myself and my fan in Dubai, I miss my city london, I continue the film in Dubai with different Actor in U.A.E., just let me know if you are looking for Business in the Dubai, right now, Monday we can help you out of the green light. I mean about the new light and I will be stop by the office, I am actor and singer I have three album in list project is a great time with my friends in Dubai they are not have jobs. I will be stop by the way to radio station, now I talk about the name of the album, the first album call: without friend, the album have 5 songs. Let's go to the film the movie,the movie talk about one police officer in Dubai city of secret force to fight the bad guys, but I think the best way to show up in the stage with my friends and my family and the best of the most important things about the movie, my mission is to be good with people who are they? Really good at the end of the film of the movie, this my first movie about police officer. The king of the furious song is me, but it would take time to get more information about the police in Dubai, I see car Drive fast in the street from the same place, my plan is to be catch up Before they have accident and the best way to show up in the street. the only one of the most important part of the film. My second album is call: without friend part 2. My second album they have 12 song, but I think the best way for me is make sure people like my projects and I have more projects and more album in this year and I will be stop by the office of my favorite part of the film is to find more friends in this films, you can find out how much time you Done, anything you want to be sing in the future, please let me know if you are looking for fun right now, but the fact is that you are not have friends who have been have no idea, what the films? I am not sure if you have any questions about the new films, we finish up the film and the movie, the movie come on TV. The end of the chapter 3 I see you next time on Different days. By sidahmed the writer of the story of (fly to Dubai ).

Chapter 4: we make another movie in studio (fly to Dubai)
First I was just wondering if anyone has any questions about the new stuff, we make another movie in studio in Dubai, the movie is about five days, the movie is call fast car in furious: with race. the only thing I did not see any other way around the country in U.A.E, But I think the best way to films the movie is giving away about this album is my favorite album, and I will be stop by party time in city hall in Dubai, I miss my city london, time call my family, I open the phone in the party, the party is good. They have Dj bliss in the party, people are happy in the party. The party is Finnish, and I will be stop by restaurant, I am tell with new friends in restaurant. They from sudan, his name is sidahmed, he is singer in America, he is the rapper, he is a actor, he want to be in the movie and the film. My name is Mike sid, and I will be in time at the film, the film start right now, he says what is this people, I say let's go to the studio right now, the part first Is start the race car in Dubai,I want to start the plan A, right now, I tell them to start the films, you are looking for fun and friends of the films, we finish up my first part. I ask how minutes take, they say take 2 hours and 5 minutes (2:05:56), I still working on the film and the movie, this movie is my second movie for me, thanks you for put in the movie, time for sleep, my day is going good in the movie And the film. I wakeup in the hotel with my friends and my friends in different hotel, before I go to the film, we going to the ride horse in city hall, with my new friends. I will be back to the films after the ride horse, and I will have been smart boy, this movie is my practice for big movie in the future, please let me know if you are not have friends, maybe be your friend. I will be a good friend of mine who have been have more than 2 movie same year, part 2 in the films: we can do it for the next couple weeks, but I think the best way to show up making adventure with new people in this films, now we start the films, I am the hero in this films. The place we start is in jail, and my mission is to stop the police cach many people in the future. In the films the police is the bad guys. I will see you next chapter is chapter 5: we make another movie in the studio part 2. By sidahmed.

Chapter 5: the new films in Dubai The new films in Dubai is about love the police, the movie is call change the world in police officer, that the movie, we starting the film in desert with a lot of actor people, I am tell story about first intro of the films, I walkthrough the desert with my stuff, the police saw me walking in the desert, and he ask about the why you walking in desert without people? I says I don't have a car with me. The police says I take you in the city with your stuff, I says but to take to the city. And the intro finish, the scene start and the story start in desert. he looks around about two miles and he see the city of Dubai. The police of Dubai says time show you up in Dubai, he saw big building, the police take me to the hotel. Second scenes is intro of city, this second is longer. The police officer says I buy you car, I say thanks for buy me a car, the police officer says don't have say thanks me, the police officer says this my job. The first day of new city, the third scene start now, I have new friends in Dubai, he went to police station call me. THE end of chapter 5, I see you next chapter 6, by sidahmed writer.

Chapter 6: beginning of business in Dubai Mike sid went to studio to make new film about romantic story. This is first time he acting with love for girl. Basically the film about a girl she loves handsome men. She want him to love her alot but problem is girl every jealous to see him with another girls. The actor she from Greece. The story happen in Greece. Basically story from book call romantic in Greece. And the movie call romantic in Greece. Mike sid like the films idea because Mike sid this first time making a movie about romantic, sometimes Mike sid making movies about police. Mike says I want try new ideas to films a movie about romantic maybe my fan like. the director says to Mike sid is not about romantic and is about drama, science fiction. Only this category. The film happen only in studio of Dubai. First intro in the film scene the girl running in the street talking with someone in the phone. The girl talking with her friend on the phone. Director stop the scene. Because director forgot to mention the character name. Director says we have 10 characters in this films story. First character name is Jessica and second character name is Jasper third character name is paul and fourth character name is Fatima, and V character name is jack, sixth character name is jake and that 7th character name is hakama, and 8th character name is Hannah, and 9th character name is Owen, and 10th character name is Taha. Go back to the scene them jassica says hi to handsome men his name is Jasper and her eyes rolling at jasper she wants to give him a hug and something else. Next scene both them falling love together, jassica says I ever stop huge you because you are handsome man. Jasper says me too jassica. Jassica says how know my name mr. Jasper says my name is not mr, but know name because I following you in Instagram. Jassica says what your name mr?. Jasper says my name is Jasper. Jassica says can you and me date?. Jasper says I will think about it. The film is end here. And finish here. The movie is 1 hour 30 minutes and 12 second. (1:30:12). The chapter 6 end here. Next chapter 7. By author Sidahmed.

Chapter 7: acting career in Dubai 
Mike sid still working in acting jobs in Dubai and Mike sid love his career acting and he like continue his career acting for his life. In Dubai alot people love him his acting in the studio in Dubai. They love his acting went be serious to focus about the idea about the story. Come day in Dubai they have wards best studio in UAE. All actor from different cities in UAE they come to wards event. Next day come to wards in Dubai all actor come to the wards event who can win the wards event. Win the Oscar. Mike sid says to his manager can win this wards for first time. His manager says maybe yes and maybe not. His manager says in this year did a lot movie in role and you work so hard to make people entertainment your movie or films. Time coming up the event wards in Dubai. They says the winer is Mike sid in this year. And they says to Mike sid you work so hard in business acting career. Mike sid says to the audiences I love you all of you thank you watch my movies and I know all of you so happy for me and have good and last thing follow your dream. And chapter 7 end here. 

Chapter 8: Mike sid marrying/ birthday party / acting in the films 
The day come for marrying for Mike sid and Fatima, both is married right now and they excited about the marriage and both them same age like 21 age. Both them working in acting jobs and both win the award for best actor in the award event in 2018. Before they marry they are loving to be together for forever after. After marriage they went honey moon in Miami Beach and they have romantic day in the beach of Miami. They go around Miami city and they choose nice hotel in Miami next the beach. They love to be together in Miami city of Florida state in america. Mike sid says to Fatima how many you want to stay in Miami Beach with me. Fatima says yeah, I will stay with you whole my life and I never forgot you my husband. Fatima says you want kids running around they say father. Mike sid says I am really enough to have kids say father. Fatima says I promise to be with you Mike sid. Both them have good conversation about the future of there kids. Before last day in Miami city they have birthday party. The birthday for Mike sid turn 22 year old. They have first kid his name is Khalid Mike sid. Fatima so happy having a kid open alot light for happiness for both them. The last day in Miami and they go to back to Dubai with different ideas for the future. Mike sid taking a break from working in acting jobs. Mike sid take break for 4 week before going to the acting jobs. Mike sid going to act in new movie is about romantic life in Miami Beach. The movie call romantic day in Miami Beach. The Movie is the original of book call romantic day in Miami Beach. Mike sid company bay the book from Hollywood to do best movie in Dubai. The done for 9 mouths in the studio of Dubai. The chapter 8 end here and continue for next chapter.

Chapter 9: Mike sid going back to london to see his family 
Mike sid going to in london and his family every surprise about him coming to london to see them. Mike sid says to his mom I miss my mom and I don't want leave my mom. His mother says why you leave us?
Mike sid says because I want to travel around the world to see new culture in middle east I mean Dubai. His mom understand why he left to continue his future in acting. His mom says are you marry someone Mike sid. Mike sid says yes, I am marry beautiful women in the world and why you not telling us about your marriage Mike sid. Mike sid says because I afraid to tell you in the phone and maybe you be surprise about my married mom. Mike sid says before we marry I went her family saying I want marry your daughter and she say yes and her family says yes we take the deal for marrying. Her family ask me about my family. Mike sid says I have a family my problem they are far away from Dubai. Her father says what they lives? Mike sid says they live in london city in England. The chapter 9 end here. Continue chapter 10 and the Last chapter of the story.

Chapter 10: the end of the story / birthday party for his wife 
Mike sid went back to Dubai with happy smile with his wife. Mike sid want surprise his wife about her birthday party and Mike sid thinking about to go Miami surprise his wife for big birthday party. Mike sid says to Fatima let's go fly to Miami and I want surprise for sometime in Miami and because I love you so hard baby. Fatima says yeah I am going with you To Miami and have surprise baby. Mike sid says to Fatima the surprise is party I know someone lives in Miami. Fatima says who is your friend lives in Miami. Mike sid and Fatima they fly to Miami. The day come for her birthday party. Fatima open and she see her picture on birthday party and she love and she hung Mike sid so hard and she says I you love Mike sid you are my love. Mike sid his friends come to the birthday party they have good party and Fatima wearing bikini to swim in the pool with Mike sid and they have romantic birthday party together. The story end here because is good ending for Mike sid and Fatima end with happiness love. I am making remake for fly to Dubai after this story. The chapter 10 is last for this story. The chapter 10 end here.


  • Nov 10, 2020

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