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The Kite That Was Afraid To Fly

It was a very windy day hard to keep your hat to stay

The leaves were getting ready to move today but the wind wanted to play 

He decided to be amazing today and begin  blowing them every which way

Fall was the perfect time of year for any girl boy to go outside and play it wasn't too hot wasn't or too cold for them to enjoy

Now for a boy of ten who happen to find a dollar in the den

Begged his mother to take him to the store to buy with the dollar he found a nice new red kite he could take to the park and fly

Ok ok hus mom took him to the store he was in such a hurry he forgot to close the door
There was so many different kinds but a red one he could not find

There in the  corner he saw one covered in dust all alone he grabbed it and shook off all the dust he thought he heard it moan

When the dust disappeared to his delight he got himself a brand new red kite

When he got home he went straight to his room and dived under the bed but he couldn't reach he had to go get the broom

There he got the tail of his last kite
The one that he lost the fight

That day the wind was too strong and broke the string and the kite went into neighbors yard so the door he went to hear the bell ring 

Lady came to the door he told his sad tale
she took him to the back where he saw his kite in the pool it sunk like a whale

That was the first time that he failed
and lost a kite but he did save the tail

You put that kite together with glue and some tape when he finished the kite looks in great shape

He grabbed his string and kite but he could not find his shoes he looked everywhere but only to find one that was red and one that was blue

So that's what he put on then ran fast down the stairs he smelt his moms cookies and yelled mom that's not fair

His mom was making cookies and handed him a few she said don't be late tonight we're having beef stew

He put the kite together when he got to the park he didn't have much time to fly his kite before it got dark

Weird he thought he felt the kite shake and he then named the kite red and this time there was no mistake

This time in his hands he felt the kite quiver strange a kite can't shake the thought made him shiver

He tied on the nice long tail but 
 to his dismay when he tried to tie on the string he could not he failed

Red began to shake uncontrollably this was a sight it made him look silly like he  was dancing around with his kite

 Red was refusing to fly he didn't want to go play so he had to hold on real tight to keep Red from running away 

Red was afraid to fly because when he was made so many kites just crash and die 

So now stuck in his head the vision there's a vision of him on the ground broken and dead

 Now Red he said I know you hear me there is nothing to be afraid of you see

I will hold on to this string and I won’t let you go and you will fly like bee for as long as the wind blows

Way up in the sky next to miss blue see her up there she is winking at you. 
How can you be afraid to fly you were made to soar like and eagle in the sky

I promise I will not let you crash and die so just give it another a try
He ran fast and red began to soar into the atmosphere he flew and red bagan to roar

Oh yes red thought how silly of me being afraid to fly because I was made to be in the sky

Red flew next to miss blue and smile at you as you flew your kite with a girl name sue

From that day on Red was never shy nor was he was kite that was afraid to fly


  • Nov 09, 2020

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