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It hides in dark cold as ice but it is still alive just waiting for chance to feed so it can  survive

Once it's bits your blood starts boiling  because it has to show who's in charge it's always controlling

To stay alive it has needs a host and warm blood to feed

It will never stop you have to kick temptation out the door or it will continue to devour your blood until there is no more

Its embers are always turning to keep that fire burning it hates the cold and ice it always keeps you shivering

It spark your desire to make you want to feed that fire

You need to fight the urge with all your might or soon you will never see another night

Once it grabs you don't let it play fight it attack it but throw it away

If you don’t let it play it wont survive if it can't feed it will go hungry and it won't stay alive

It it will mask itself so you will learn to love it then you will yearn to have it

Then once it has you it will bring you down so beware temptation is all around

Your friends that are close and have your ear they will tell you things you want to hear

Temptation comes in many forms from movies books and lips Do not listen to it don’t talk with it stand your ground and put your hands on your hips

You have to fight back you have to go on the attack

Let everybody know thst you're stronger and it's time for temptation to go

You ain't got time for those silly games anymore you're not a follower you're a leader and you kick temptation out the door   

You have to show some grits get that backbone because the life you save will be
your own


  • Nov 09, 2020

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