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Standing tall

There he was laying on the floor he was getting old body hurt all he wanted was to drink some Coors from the store

He couldn't breathe he couldn't move no more he lost his soul had nothing else to give he was hurt bad and very sore

He can still remember all 36 fights each and every one of them was a knockout to the crowds delight

For each one took a little bit more little bit more now you can barely see and sometimes he couldn't go through the whole fight without going pee

 He was going to lay here on the floor then the ref said four
He just didn't have it anymore and you saw people walking out the door

He could still feel his heartbeat he tried to get back on his feet

He was never beaten he was a champ
No matter where he slept or where he camps

He was the best that ever gotten into that ring they can never take that away from him he never quit he always fought until he heard the bell go ding

Then someone said he was deadbeat a big disgrace he was too old to fight they should give me my money back for this debacle tonight

That ignited a spark that made him radiate with heat that set him afire it made him glow from his head to his feet

That heat fed his desire to be the best never beaten not like all the rest

 Every boxer  has a soul his will his drive without it he would never survive

When he got hit and to the floor he fell  he lost his soul now he must travel to the pits of hell

He must retrieve his soul before the next bell so deep down he let out a horrific yell

 That sound slowed down time so he could to travel to hell and back again before the next bell

If he didn't make it back in time it would be over but there he was walking through the door  just as the bell rung he was bouncing off the floor

 Crowd what's going nuts and at home kids are jumping on the bed the ref didn't believe his eyes and just shook his head

He had a glow about him he looked fine everyone remarked see how brightly he shines

The fight then restarted and he felt fine he jabbed left and then right and pow the crowd went nuts he was one of a kind

The fighter then said this was the end he was dead and could not stand or bend

He had survived hell and the devil’s den with a frown he said he would not return or his title he will not defend

Now it’s time for him to say thank you all for coming out and watching the brawl

He said he was lucky to have survived did his best and and now it's time for him to rest

He pass every test and climbed every wall he is very grateful that he able to walk out alive standing tall


  • Nov 09, 2020

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