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I've always held back my feelings; tried to ignore them. I let go of things quickly for the sake of myself, and others around me. I would rarely find myself upset over the actions of others, unless they had harmed me, or someone close to me. But now, I've gotten out of control. I'm not sure if it's mainly because I've been hormonal, and my body is still adjusting, or if I'm just going insane. I completely freak out over the smallest of remarks. I'm angry or depressed all day long. I have the weirdest mood swings, and I'm always wanting to fight someone. And even so, this is still me holding back. I've been crying every single day over my own actions. Over my mistakes and my wrong-doings. Then when I go out, those feelings of hatred and uncontrollable rage take over. I want to hurt somebody, or break something. And sometimes, if angry enough, I do. I only take out my anger on the people who have hurt me, but it's still not right. I can't help these feelings. I want it to stop. But I cant make it.


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