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From the womb to the new one
The artificial womb
That grew you at high velocity
From a baby to an adolescent 
To a new life far away from here
Somewhere in a distant future
Somewhere on a distant planet.

Blessed to have two brothers and a sister
And a loving dedicated mother.

You lived your youth in the country
Played games with friends in the woods
Drank and got drunk for the first time
And your first kiss and love of a sassy chick
Got in trouble more than once
Lived adventures and found real treasures
Had fun along the way.

Then mother got real ill
And had to move to another planet
Taking you and your brother's and sister with her.


(This is a draft of basic ideas for a novel I one day want to get to write but too busy to write at the moment, thought if I left a note like this here on writers outlet that in the future I get to see it and remember all the story, this short snippet only really covers the ideas for the storyline for the first five chapters and have around 100 chapters going on in my head that I would probably divide into a trilogy. Looking forward to writing these books one day and even more illustrating them and drawing up all the characters.)


  • think it's a good idea to leave a note like this to remind me to get this project to life once I get the time, always liked sci fi and space and the wonders the future will have. Lee 😀👍✌👌🐝

    Nov 09, 2020

  • Nov 09, 2020

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