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You lay awake at night wondering if he will call you ,you cant stop seeing him do to her the things he does to you ,you begin to imagine that he gives it to her more than you can ever dream of nor imagine ,you live your life on the edge because each time he calls ,its difficult to answer the phone immediately because you never know it might be her,when he smiles at you ,you can't smile back without thinking maybe he is laughing at you that you are just the other woman in his life ,a woman with no status ,no value ,no identity ,no name because she already has his name ,you gained being named Honey ,when she is the Mrs,you endure long lonely nights ,you cuddle yourself to sleep like a golfer ,while she enjoys the warmth of his arms ,by the time he meets you ,he is too exhausted and only envises a massage from you,he gives you a hug and blesses you with a baby kiss ,sits on the couch shirtless and torments you with a glimpse of his powerful arms and breath taking chest,he put a ring on you as a symbol of his commitment to you ,but he still leaves you alone at night feeling as though you will drown in the enormous bed ,you hardly recall his favourite meal as he is never there at home for dinner,its either his meeting took longer than expected at work ,or the boys have a braai he can't miss ,today his boy 's wife has a problem he can fix ,you have lost count of the million excuses he gives for not being there for you,he ain't there to wipe your tears away when you shed them ,you have become just like a piece of furniture in his house wearing away slowly with time ,you painfully also the other woman in his life too ,though you living in denial.


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