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From one place to another
Always on the move
Living in a tiny flat
To a two bedroom terrace
From there to a three bedroom semi 
Where the stairs were breaking
To finally a mansion.

We had a small gathering in our auditorium
The guests watched the presentation
And all enjoyed the show
They all applauded at the end
I gave my power of flight away
Flew around the auditorium
And around the mansion from time to time
Making sure the place was secure.

One night you startled me
I could hear you singing one of your songs
So I came to you
You looked so cool in the light of your room
Your brother sang along to your song too from his room
There I saw every possibility
The power of song
Your voice
And what the future could be for you both
And it all came to pass
You guys are now are always on the radio.

Sweet songs of yesterday
I sang along to you day and night
Yet it wasn't enough to save you.

Lost in the embers of the dawn's  sunrise
Like every soul that awakens alone
In such a big mansion
Loneliness is frightening
Now you are both gone.


  • tragic or not, grandiosity or riches isn't always fun, don't know why I have these dreams, hope you guys enjoy them, all the best, Lee 😀👍✌👌🐝

    Nov 07, 2020

  • Nov 07, 2020

  • Nov 07, 2020

  • Jen lee

    Jen Lee

    love it

    Nov 08, 2020

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