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Its late and I am awake...I looked 
Down the street only to see myself running
My top was.wet and I new that I was sweating
Its not just a dream cause I know that deep down
It will come true.I knew that no matter how hard
I tried to run faster I will never get to the finishing point
 but it was useless the road was endless

I wake up my legs were painful and my clothes
Were wet.I was running in my dreams and I knew
That I had to run the worst race in my life....I looked
At the time its already midnight and I had to wake up
And get prepared for the up coming race....I'm an 
Athlet and I had to.....I wish there was a way to escape
From this life,I wish I could miss this race

Its just a Marathon I said while putting my 
Running shoes on....I felt paranoid when I realised
what I was about to run...its 14k for fucks sake I looked
At my coach he was waiting at my entrance he looked 
Like a demon in the dark....I yowned while exiting the 
Room my eyes were closed and I was walking
In the dark.....I tripted and he roared like Simba the lion

This guys are so ugly I entered the car and they drove
away I said goodbye to my crazy ass cause I knew
That no matter how hard i tried to stay positive I 
Knew that I will never heal from this day....the car 
Stopped and there we where looking at the road
I said good luck to myself because I knew that I had
A long way to go♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  • Nov 06, 2020

  • Nov 07, 2020

  • Nov 07, 2020

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