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When i speak they say " what do you know, better go and marry. You ain't getting any younger". The older The older i grow the more i become scared about marriage. When i was a child, i assumed at 25yrs i will be in my husband house that life will be sweater than the way it was for me. Little did i know that; then was just a preamble. I never wanted to be like some of our mothers who loves their husband to a fault, as they die in silence due to his misbehaviour.

You are created to be the strongest (man) doesn't mean you should be heartless. In my closet i cried more when i see a home, used to be lovely crumbled as a result of the man's recklessness. Not because am a lady that's why am on the women side. Honestly, am speaking from what my eyes have seen. 

Women take in more than they should, most especially the African ones. Let it be known to the singles out there, defining each other roles/responsibilities is very essential in a relationship, infact at the early stage. Don't wait till he put the ring on your finger or when you give birth to a child before setting that pace. The error you failed to rule out from the beginning will later error you out of line.



  • Nov 06, 2020

  • Nov 07, 2020

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