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I actually had a habit of falling in 
love witharried guy.Please don't 
take me wrong because I literally
hate being in that situation.When
I was 13-14guys always flirt to 
me,I literally cried thinking why the hell they did like that to me.
It may sound weird to the people 
It is a truth. It's damn weird when a guy who is far more older than me doing like that.It literally des-
troys me.I was not use to the m-
asculine since I stayed at my ro-
om ,as I was afraid to handle the 
drama.I hate it. It shaped my per-
sonality to the point where I liter-
ally can't talk to a man all 'cause 
I fall in love too fast. So,it is far more safe and better to stay at 
home.I never talk to my father since my chilhood ,I wasn't so use to the masculine.By the way I'm an INFP.

I'm an Introvert (socially speaki- 
ng).Due to the lockdown I stay at home but the thing is I can't  stay any longer.People might think in-
trovert use to it and they love it.
We(I) love socializing as a being.
The truth is we charge up when we are alone but we think we should use up these energy(me-
taphorically speaking).
The good news is I've two friend of mine ,one feminine and one masculine.I've been trying very 
hard to use to the masculine.
Now the process ended so I re-
covered.BTW I'm 18 presently.
              HAPPY ENDING


wish me happy birthday dec 26


  • Nov 06, 2020

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