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You know I’ve never met a truly fatalistic person. 
All those who have claimed to be pessimistic at the sight of the world.. 
Gone on day long soliloquy’s of how nothing good has everything existed in the presence of humanity. And nothing good  will ever be, and all is worthless. 
And interestingly, what you see here, is a kind of disillusioned, hurt little child. Who’s heart has felt maligned by the “true” nature of things only to be left bereft of any belief. Because truly his or her heart really does believe in the highest high and the goodest good you can even muster to believe. Other wise the plight wouldn’t be so huge, and the fall not so devastating.
And to be truly fatalistic, would imply a sort of blank disposition. Of no feeling this way or that. It may even seem sinister to this extent, true fatalism. 
But don’t we all find ourselves here at the end. Of nothing matters. The end, that is, of all this “drama”, in the Hindu sense. 
So to the him or her that wishes to see the world in dark colors. To fool themselves out of feeling. 
That which you claim as evil. What has it stolen? If you find the world to be bankrupt of any hope and all is worthless and has always been, and you point to the evils of the world as an example.....what exactly has the evil corrupted? 
Or is it YOU that has the highest hope for the art of all humankind? 
For that I applaud you, brother. 


  • Nov 06, 2020

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