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Crazy Man Is He Let The Old Man Be

This man should be dead he was hit on the head
His brain was hurt and he fell down into the dirt 
Four long weeks he was in bed and had to be hand fed
When he finally woke up he couldn’t drink out of a cup
He didn’t know his name or even how to play a simple game
He had to relearn his name but was never the same
He was different kind of man he was called crazy man
He was not dumb he knew how to read and write he fought for his rights
He liked to wash with sand he slept in a garbage can
He liked to hit himself with a pan water was no man's land
Instead he used an old fan an some very dry sand
Everybody has done something that was crazy I had an old hound dog that was just plan lazy
Get rid of the dog who been my best pal or get a new one call him Sal 
So he was getting old throw him out into the cold 
 I love my dog doesn’t matter he is a log
Let the old man be crazy man is he
He carries a lock without a key To remind him that nothing in life free 
 He only goes pee in a glass he is almost blind it’s easier for him you’re an ass
Just let the old man be he is happy can't no one see
Don’t make me mad at thee don’t make fun of crazy man let him be
Just because he doesn’t do things like you and me again I say let the old man be
He likes to wear a dress when he drinks tea So he likes to be she
This doesn’t makes the man crazy no I said let the man be
 You guys are all crazy and you need stop being lazy
If you think you can put this man who is free and lock him up and throw away the key
Your on drugs that not going to be crazy man has rights just like you and me
You need do your job right or I will make see the light
Now I said let the man be so he is a little bit crazy is he
He has his rights I say again for the last time tonight
Let the old man be He is the crazy man but he is still free
He is my dad I love him you see so you let him be Crazy man is he let the old man be


  • Nov 05, 2020

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    Nov 06, 2020

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