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you might succeed might not   can pick allegiance are you cia   kgb find  pencil find  piece of paper draw one circle  draw four boxes keep  piece of paper add  date  day of  week  time of day if you want  before you file your piece of paper write cia or kgb in  circle good stuff   things to retrieve there sports cards you  to take  booty to an hq but  report to enemy hq  enemy gets a point first to three wins two and two you have  draw whats out there  lets get moving  perhaps fate influences display of allegiance inside circle

ottawa airport you just got in not too many people about boy did you do too much scotch flying in you are carrying a little red briefcase wonder whats inside perhaps a bible imagine a bible inside the bible inside the little red briefcase heres a funny thing youre dying for a jimmy riddle thats right a good piddle and there it is the toilet(N) but something distracts your attention a man in a trench coat has left his firearm on a desk you might leave your toilet period and go after the agent taking his gun in your hand(E)


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