To Be Killed With Tenderness Read Count : 20

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If I had to give up my breath
 To receive your poisonous kiss, 
I would do it without hesitation, 
Because I want to be killed with tenderness.

If I had to hurt my heart again
 Just to have you around,
 I would do it because I am addicted 
To the feelings I feel like waves over my heart. 

 I don't need the rest of my life,
 If it's not written to be with me until the end.
 I don't want to get old yet,
 Waiting for you to come.

  If love is just a lie, 
It means you are the biggest liar.
 If happiness is just an illusion,
I have the right to be lied to all the time.


  • Sep 27, 2020

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