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The nature and circumstances for things i do for you is extraordinary. 
An overwhelming majority. 
Its only for you. 
You could not seen the quality of it but you rate me in abundance. 
No! Friendship should not be judged on the times person failed in your own words.
It should never be seen as such.
Cause God o please god help us all see right, if it do.

If not the case, follow his standards not your own
He the man whom in place standards before any one wrote a book or even play that card.

You would not listen. You would not comprehend that knowledge. 

Your so thick and stubborn in the head. 
So many time i explain and show my heart..

Here!! Poor man like hamlet!!
See and look down there!
I done all sorts of care in form of loving you as better half.
It better please you.
You unsatisfied organism.

I gave you every sense and aromatic feeling to show you my gratitude. 
Every leap every corner, I am always there for you...

What you think of me stalking you is ballistic out of your mind. 
You man don't know a life saver or jacket when hits your vision. 
You spit the world toxic and put my name in it. 

What for? ? There is no revelation. 

It just the heart on the sleeve literally..
I preach. I talk and spitt verse rebate from  his gospel to you.

Your truly yourself broken. 

I in way watch over you like a lion protect his clan. 

365 days..24 hours
7 years counting...
I have whim to whim been good to you. 
The only thing is kinda messy. 

We are all messy.
Broken and in hope bulid up from things we do..

Lending strength to another to help them be spiritual lift.
Its very positive.

Thy spirit alone shed tears of the brokenness.
Spotted confused in my own mist.
Each tine i fix and fix this friendship. 

It was not enough. 
The thibgs i done were love him through al all sides.
I sweat and pleaded.
I leap and learned..
Uhtill the one tiny void kept not be enough. 


  • Sep 27, 2020

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