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I barricaded myself in the house just me and one little white mouse
I nail down the windows locked all the doors I never leave except to go to the store
I put wire up around the house I dug a moat to keep out the spouse
People are dying all over but no one’s dying at my place I don't let no one in I don’t care who it is or if they have a mask on their face
The drawbridge over the moat is never left down I have signs no trespassing staked into the ground
I did leave one fact out though I should say something about those alligators in a moat and they're hungry and they eat anything
Few days ago, a stupid man lost his leg to one of the gators but l don’t think that is why he is dead he crawled into the minefield and blew off the other leg and it took off his head
Sheriff came on by today to tell me that the Gators can't stay
He said I had a week to get rid of the Gators I said thanks to the sheriff just stay on that side of the moat because of the virus you know and I will take care of that later
Thanks for coming way out here just to let me know sheriff watch the signs he didn't listen very well a few moments later there was a bang he stepped one of my mine 
Of course I never got rid of the gators but there were a few stupid people who tried none of them succeeded they all became Gator food and they all died
I finally had to stop going to the store they tried to blow up my truck on the way back but I laughed I got 2-in steel armor plate and plus my windows are bulletproof some of those guys wouldn't move so I hit them they went smack
No, I've been locked in my house for 4 months now and the virus is rolling strong they said I was crazy in my head I look out my window and see people dying left and right seems like all those people that said I was crazy now are all dead
Now there's my spouse she told me I was insane even smacked me in the head a few times with her cane
She's still alive she's on one of those hospital boats out on the ocean she lost her leg an arm and an eye and one lung then out of nowhere I heard some commotion
I ran to my front porch and they’re were about a dozen men trying to jump my moat in about four or five big heavy trucks none of them were not very bright at least they could have brought a boat
Now my gators were getting hungry so let's watch the fun now George he is my biggest gator he's 25 ft long and watch it he ate that guy whole man he didn't even swallow and the rest have left the building and boy could they run
Now the virus is mutated several times and most of the people living outside don't even look like humans anymore they’re grotesque and ugly and have puss coming out of their heads there's no way I'm ever going to let them come in through my front door
Now this is not very many people left that the virus hasn't killed or infected the few of us that are still here used our brains and figured out that this virus was just going to kill a lot of people it’s something that should have been expected
 My closest neighbor is Robert who is about 30 miles away he's not like me he went out and bought himself a  cannons that like to play
Every now and then I can hear those babies go off and they sure like go boom when all dozen of them go off at once they sure make a mess and I have to go into closet and break out the broom
He's the guy they gave me my Gatling gun a few months ago when they came at me at me with a force of 100 or more but when the dust settled half of them became Gator food and we’re dead the rest were on the run but none of them came to my door
 I posted signs all around my barricade I attached them to bodies that we’re dead  and the note said get any closer and I'm sorry but I will blow off your head


  • Sep 27, 2020

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