So Long This Night. Read Count : 41

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22:45 I'm watching as time Moves on, second on second, Minute on minute.. So the night carries on. 23:40 I'm just an insignificance, Nothing I do or say will halt It's inexorable progress. Morning will be there, waiting. Sleep or sleepless, no difference. Time wins out, always. 01:07 So long, so lonely, hour on hour, When sleep evades and  Eyes so tired but nonetheless They keep on looking for  One more thing,  One more idea, One more thought  Different from the rest. 02:50 Driven by a brain that won't Switch off, won't rest Or even just relax. I'm a helpless passenger Along for the ride, it never Listens to me, it rules me. 04:01 Fleeting thought and random Idea all come, all go, yet  Leave no mark on this blank Canvas of a night. As if they had Never even entered my mind. 04:45 Perhaps they didn't and this is all Just a dream but no, it's just another  Sleepless night, one among many. 05:17 Dim light cracks through the curtains Morning is making its presence felt. Yet another night, no sleep,  Brain in control,  still,  unproductive,  Still, it's like having another person Living inside my head. 06:05 Now I'm exhausted, another wasted And so long was the night. Times like this I resent my brain. It never considers me, the boss. But then, I'm not am I. It rules me. 06:48 Drooping eyelids finally win out Shutting off input from one sense But it's enough, finally I can rest Finally switch off, and... 06:57 ?


  • Sep 27, 2020

  • Sep 27, 2020

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