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You profess your love bamzy,
But makes me feel unworthy,
There's no fear in love,
Yet you can't share your worries,
Do I look not strong enough for you?
Depriving ones of a role,
Open way to no dedication,
Once there's a crack on the wall,
Everything will collapse, when the time elapse.

I won't bug you fill me in,
I won't judge you, only stand by you,
I won't yell, all i will do is smile,
I won't condemn you, compliments will i give,
I won't make you sad, show you reasons to laugh,
I won't worries you, dissolve my worrisome,
Share your pains with me.

Acting strong before me, won't make me see you as hero,
The more you take in, the closer you're to breakdown
Time is changing, get up and change,
If only you know how i do wet my pillows
Watching you go through the pains alone,
You'll realise you hurt me more than you're protecting me.



  • Sep 26, 2020

  • Sep 26, 2020

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