You Will Always Be Read Count : 42

Category : Poems

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Like a fist that hits the heart, 
Like a storm that breaks the bridge. 
Like a flood that sweeps the streets, 
That's what you have become to me.  

Like a wound that can't be healed, 
Like a scar that can't be erased.  
Like a voice that can't be forgotten, 
That's how you came to me.  

As a love that cannot be fulfilled, 
As a day that cannot be lived.
As a lie that will not be believed, 
So you will be for me.

Like a wonderful dream 
That turns into a nightmare, 
Like a rain that covers the sun.
Like a blindness that leaves my eyes in the fog,
 You will always be like that for me.


  • Sep 26, 2020

  • Sep 26, 2020

  • Beautiful

    Sep 26, 2020

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