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I get up early so I can do my hair
Maybe some makeup
Put on some cute underwear
So I look decent 
Forthe school bullies 
I try to get by without being noticed
It's funny how people say I like u cause ur personality 
But when u become smart u r a nerd or geek
Now it's time to shout it out it's our time to speak
About what these girls have said and done not only to me
We were together on a basketball team
They wanted me off because I'm blue eyed and a blondy
I wanted to be as tall as them
So I can shoot hoops so fluently
But they saw in me I'm a blue eyed blondy 
I was playing as gaurd I was just playing my part 
When these girls tore me and my mother apart
I was playing them all the sudden she wasent aloud
She disappeared
I guess she got lost in the crowd
My coach took me home that night
She told me what they had said 
that my mother kissed them on the lips thats where it began


  • Sep 27, 2020

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