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The things I have done,I cannot really explain....,
I know it hurts you,and causes so much pain,
I cannot say I knew what I was doing,
I do not know,what I was thinking......

We had a special love,but I threw it all away......,
I truly regret what I did,every minute of the day,
If I could change the past,believe me I would....,
I would take away the pain,if only I could.......,

Now all I can ask for,is one last chance....,
To show you how much I love you,until the day I pass.
  By:Mary Maria.Plzz comment and give your rating if you like the poem.Thank you!


  • Sep 26, 2020

  • YOUR BACK!!!

    Sep 26, 2020

  • Sep 26, 2020

  • Deep

    Sep 26, 2020

  • You'll never know what will happen unless you take the leap, just like in Spiderman, "It's a leap of faith, you'll never know unless you take it." Something I'm trying to grasp hold of myself.

    Sep 26, 2020

  • Wow!!

    Sep 27, 2020

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