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How do you explain, you won't get far, they'll know me from the start, the game you play isn't so hard, it's fucked up, look once again why do you think you can play pretend, so far gone, you led me to believe, I couldn't escape my own reality, so when the bough breaks and the walls are closing in, just remember all the things you said and did, one thing I won't forget is how you lied to me it doesn't hurt me cause I'm used to it, but let me tell you where it took me, on this play star of the show even if I saw it coming I'd play a long life gets boring and people should know how The Story Goes My Life is mine and do what I will so long as you understand you can't judge me still who knows what you do when no one's around my decision to let it go and lose my mind who blames who it's me and glad to see you found something to pass your time even better than me antisocial awkward and weird is where you'll find me, I am me star of the show real life without a grip I won't let go, of the things that tried to break me it's what keeps me strong, know you can't break me, honestly you tried so hard to do what you did, you accomplished one thing you help me keep this monster in I hope you can keep up


  • strong written piece 💪💪

    Sep 26, 2020

  • Sep 26, 2020

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