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From this pain I'm fixing to spin a world that's going to consume you in my head is quite a few monsters the first one quite doesn't like to be bothered he has a heart that he follows he will break your spirit at The Gallows if he's freed to roam around bet it's going down as follows he'll break you down from your heart you'll fall in love and it's very real and he's the one that makes you fall Head Over Heels don't get it twisted his love is Real unconditional is all he understands I get your bitter and you live in the past this is the one that chases my future next up is my bad luck run amuck and can't get it now he'll make me stop caring about life at all his elixir drugs and alcohol I turn how I feel into thoughts so real and if you give him enough and thoughts abound only a couple more and me trying to provoke the monster that wants it in me he's a cutter life ending hed fuck Mother Nature by F in the sky he's the one that wants to die then you get me the monster that controls all his Beast a power like mine is hard to beat the kind of monster that fights to be the love of your life sweep you off your feet gives dreams and hopes room to compete tired of being so just see if I can change thier ways consider the world lucky I'm not led astray where's my introductions I'll part ways next time we meet you'll concede defeat you had helped to pull off your feet I'm doing it alone it won't be bet won't be beat yeah I'm talking to you just try you're just lost and bitter and I see I'm way sicker don't make me let loose the monsters that be


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