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Best friend so we became and so much more if I knew the path we'd take I should have told you my love is in never giving up. That we will achieve our our dreams and so much more in love is a question that's more than real it doesn't matter you didn't listen I told you my life was full of bad intentions showing you love me by giving in and that's not love that's letting me win my trophy was death and you tried to help me win say how you consulted me with bad intentions you wanted me Dead tried to kill me with words and misdirections your approach hasn't worked yet except that time you gave me some of your poison how I even enjoyed it you should quit trying it's going to annoy me if my mind breaks you know what's coming death to all Inglorious Bastards if you cared at all you'd stop and listen it's because of you no one pays attention you can't please me or fake affection you got half my effort I'm the blessing try a little harder maybe take a lesson its the small things you didn't pay attention I hope you learned a hard life lesson I had a best friend that just didn't listen


  • Sep 26, 2020

  • Sep 26, 2020

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