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As soon as you and Alyssa arrive to the party,  you guys get out of the car after parking it and walk up to the house and walk in “Hey bro!” You say walking up to corbyn ignoring the fact Daniel was there and you guys just have a great time,  you didn't drink as much and neither did the boys,  corbyn and Alyssa made an announcement saying they were dating and the boys were happy and same were you,  but then you walk off and see Daniel kissing someone else and sighs knowing you still had feelings for him and that you needed to tell him but you just drop the glass cup you had made for him with his first and last letter of his name “You know what I'm done! Daniel I hope your happy,  I STILL LOVE YOU! But you found someone else”

You had tears falling down,  as you runoff to your car Alyssa spots you and runs off after you and grabs your wrist,  seeing you were crying but not knowing you had the cuts from before,  you just look at her and just break down crying into her arms and you didn't say a word,  Alyssa just held you close to her and stroked her head and rubbed your back

Alyssa had picked you up and walked you to the side of the car and opened the passenger door for you as you get in and buckle up and she closed the door and got into the driver side and drove off to your favorite ice cream place to get ice cream and when you got there,  you guys ordered for your favorite ice creams and drove to the mall to get your hair redone and your nails done, you got your hair dyed black with dark red about the bottom of your hair,  and your nails were black and had red on them as well and Alyssa's hair was the same color,  and her nails were Halloween style,  after you guys were done you wanted to change your style so you decided to buy emo type clothes,  you got your eyebrow slit,  your nose pierced,  your ears on the outside were fully pierced,  your belly button was pierced and you got some tattoos. 

After you guys got done with the mall,  you guys went back to Alyssa's house but corbyn was with the boys,  you and Alyssa had the house to yourself,  you guys were having a blast until you went to the bathroom to do your hair for the night and you started to sing your favorite song by jaden hossler,  Angels and demons but little did you know that Alyssa was listening to you and was shocked that you could sing “Why didn't you tell me you could sing!?!” she said walking into the bathroom which made you jump because you didn't hear her “Y-You heard me!? I-I don't tell anyone my secret talent” you said being all shy and nervous.  As you said that Alyssa saw your wrists and asked why did you do that.  You started to cry so hard that Alyssa held you and called Y/N and said it was Daniel right.  Alyssa stormed out of the bathroom with a baseball bat

Alyssa goes out of to her car and gets in and drives off the house,  after an 1 hour of driving,  she had gotten out of the car and stormed into the why don't we house and went up to Daniel's room and breaks the door down and seen the girl who was named Emily sitting on bed as Alyssa had a smirk on her face as she grabs Emily by the hair and smashes her head through the window “This is what happens when you fuck with the wrong person Daniel James Seavey!!! You hurt my best friend and now you must pay bitch!” she said as she goes up to Daniel and punches him in the face as she realizes that Emily was hanging on the edge of the window. 

Emily found a way back up through the window as both of the girls got physical with each other,  Alyssa breaks her nose and knocks her out as she grabs the baseball bat and hits daniel with it and storms out of the door to the outside and smashes the windows out of Daniels car and turns around to the rest of the boys just standing there shocked 

Corbyn looked at her “god damn I got nothing to say” he just stood there speechless “But like damn that's my girl” he then looks over her shoulder to see Y/N standing there shocked seeing Alyssa covered with blood on her face “Damn what the hell happened here” you said as you look towards the door seeing Daniel with Emily in his arms and y/n got pissed and stormed up to Emily and slammed her to the ground and started to beat her up then daniel grabs y/n off and y/n pushes him away as Alyssa stands next to her with the bat in her hand and the boys were just shocked but Daniel wasn't he was in pain from getting hit with the bat. 

Y/N and Alyssa smirks as they both do a sassy hair flip then walks off back to the car and gets it as Alyssa drives off back to her house with y/n and then helped y/n pack to head back to her apartment as she looks at you and sighs “No more cutting, if you need help or need someone to talk to,  I'm here for you”y/n nodded and walked out the door and headed to the bus stop and got on the bus to go to her apartment and took a shower,  after y/n was done with the shower,  you got changed into shorts and crop top with your hair in braids and you had a charcoal face mask on and had gotten on the computer to look for like a singing type model job close by to LA... 

*to be continued*


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