Im Sorry Read Count : 21

Category : Songs

Sub Category : Rap
Im sry for what i said last night i didnt want it to end up kinda like a fight im sorry im makin u choose 
Between me and that other dude
Im sry 
I feel like i wanna kiss u
If u were to die id rly miss u
Im Sry i cant control i feel this way
I thot me tellin u would make ur day 
U said u kinda like a girl on tik tok
I was that girl that aint no mess up
I love for the way u look at me
I love ur silly personality 
Ur so cute i swore u could hear my heart racing
Then... i didnt just feel like a play thing like a little toy sittin on ur shelf
This feeling makes me overwhelmed
The way i get red when i see u 
Its so wierd im not tryna play u 
Im not kiddin this is real life 
What u said had cut me like a knife
Im sry i made this a part of our lifestyle
Its just been so long its been a while

Im sry i made u feel this way


  • Sep 25, 2020

  • Sep 26, 2020

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