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We count for the mayor's office
 Once every 4 years,
 When they need our vote to win... 
- That's what they called democracy.

  I hear the same promises
 Made over the next four years.
 Although four more years have passed,
 I can't see any visible difference,
Using again copy- paste for the same things 
They will not accomplish.

Maybe when you have the misfortune
 To be born in a country 
Where corruption reaches its peak, 
It is hard for you to believe
 That someone competent 
Can show up overnight,
To bring back what got lost for a long time.

  I am apolitical,
 I cannot be bought
 With a bag of flour, 
Or with promises that remain 
Written only on a piece of paper without value.

After the propaganda ends,
 The "needs" of the citizens, 
Reach the garbage can
 From the town halls.

 But it's sad to see
 That they only need us for a vote.
 And they disappear for another four years, 
Filling their stingy pockets overnight.


  • Sep 25, 2020

  • real n true, great perception

    Sep 25, 2020

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