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I am on the run don't know why but I'm not having fun
I don't know why everybody's mad that's not like I got angry or did something bad
I didn't steal anything not even someone wife thought about it but since everybody's chasing me, I had to stop to get a knife
I have never seen so many people all in line looking for me since that day I robbed that bank in 69
They got angry because I took all their money, I was only 12 I had my BB gun with me and I thought it would be funny
So, I walked into the bank and I said can I have some cash the lady at the window went to talk to a man who went to the back room I guess that’s where they keep all their stash
He came out and hands me a big old bag that was stuff full of money that was easy I should have thought of that sooner my dad did say I was smart that's why he called me sonny
I didn't get one block away from there before the cops came and surrounded me and asked me if I was playing a game
I was polite and said no sir I was not  I even gave them back all that money that the nice lady gave to me at the bank and I think her name was honey
Then one of the cop was mean to me he threw me to the ground and then put handcuffs on and told me that I would never be free
 I said boy did your mom teach you right you don't go  stealing no  money from a bank then he got real close to me and chuckled but I began choking because that man is that man he stank
He started asking me all kinds of questions like was I alone and what was my name he wanted to know exactly where I lived and why was I not in school  this stuff was getting lame
So when he bent over I grabbed his gun I then kicked him in the balls fun
I took his keys to get free I jumped the fence and ran they were to slow no way they were going to catch me
I out foxed them for six months and me only a lad when they finally did get me they gave me 2 years this school school it was the best time I ever had
Just this morning I was loafing on the couch acting like a potato then mom comes screaming and tells me people are looking for me and I had to go
I was nice and comfy and bsaid I didn't do anything wrong so I just laid there like I was dead mom came at me fast with thqt big old broom she uses to fly around because it's was nice big and heavy  she then starts hitting me in the head
When I say go damn it go get out of here you don't want to go back to jail I  had a great time in reform school but mom gave me  have those evil eyes so I grabbed my stuff and bailed
No I still can't figure out what I did wrong and I ain't going to stay up in this tree all day long
I come down from that tree and looked around I didn't see anybody but me
I got to the edge of the woods and I was caught it was 15 girls at least soon as they saw me they screamed that's my man let me catch that beast
They we’re screaming and I was running for dear life or one of the girls said he is mine I'm going to be his wife
There was no place else to go in this town I ran to the sheriff's office and locked myself in jail sheriff looked at me thought I was crazy I did it I swear I did it I don't know what I did but save me from those females
Sheriff laughed son then the door open and all those girls came in and screaming he's mine then it was a big cat fight sheriff was being slaughtered by those girls I'm glad I was in jail I was just fine
About 20 minutes later there was only one gal standing her name was Kate More she's looked at me and said you’re mine I said no I’m not I yelled for the sheriff but he was out cold on the floor
She said we are going to get married today and then we are going to go on our honeymoon I yelled nooo I’m only thirty six and that was way too fast we just met today that is a little too soon
Didn't you hear little old granny Tucket at 108 yesterday she decided to kick the bucket
In her will she left everything all her money all be property shee ok left to you for free  she was a millionaire but Sunny there's not a lot enough time you only have until
I don't need no money I don't need to get married not even for fun and and I told Miss Tucket that she couldn't do that but she was persuasive you see she had this gun
That's neither here or there and you know it Kate if I ever decide to get married it's not going to be someone tricked me into it or I'm going to have decided by Fate
Go do something with your life don't wait around to street view off their feet and be there and be the wife
You're smart you’re pretty you’re aggressive learn new skills Kate in 2 years come see me and I'll take you out on a date
Just about them the sheriff woke up and and all the rest of the girls that were laying on the floor I kindly explain to them that there was going to be no marriage today and then escorted him out the door
Two years later as I was leaving one of my offices in the city they were behold
was standing Kate two years exactly I didn't think you were going to show up you look wonderful it's time for our date
That was 4 years ago and now we have been happily, married for two years on this date today is our anniversary I'm sitting in the park having fun I'm sure glad we waited
Remember don't judge a book by its cover what you might be giving up is next lover
So don't make that mistake and judge them for how they are dressed so they are dirty smelly grimy and they're a complete mess
Every person no matter who you are deserves to be treated with respect it's not something that should have to be earned it should be for everyone expected
So be nice and treat everybody the same but don’t be late or you might find that your true love is now your friend and not your mate


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