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Do you remember when you were a kid running around all day from morning till night you got home your mom asks you what you did
You told her the same as yesterday then you empty your pockets and there were dead worms and some smashed crickets a button several fish hooks some string and some tickets
Mom looked at you and shook her head what's in the other pocket you pulled out a mouse mom kind of freaked out she squeaked get that thing out of my house
I got a lecture before I went to bed about bringing live animals home it’s okay if they’re dead
Mama had a funny thing about keeping things clean I didn't see the use I was just going to get dirty again she was downright mean
I don’t know why mom decided to scrub the floor on a rainy day doesn't she realize that the mud is all over me after I go play
Where do you think that most of the mud, went its going on the floor so when she yells my name and I come into the through the back door
I’m covered from head to toe and mud it just slaps right off me on the floor I don’t even shake it off it doesn't want to stay on me no more
I never heard mom yell at me so bad I ran into my room I never seen her that mad
She was like a volcano that erupted man I’ll never do that again some of the words I heard I was corrupted
I never will be the same I told her that once she laughed and said I was to blame
Did you ever hide something in the back of refrigerator and didn't tell your mom or dad about it I did it once it didn't turn out very well, I crashed and burned because Dad threw a fit
I had the glass that full of pee and use it to collect worms you see
You dump the pee all over the ground the next morning hundreds of worms will be all around
What I did wrong was I use the same glass we drank out of dad thought it was lemonade I mean I try to stop him but he told me to be quiet he down the glass he started choking then some funny faces he made
I never heard the end of that one again I never seen him that mad before he wasn’t very kind, I never had the guts to tell him it was a dog pee not mine
I wish I could go back being a kid it was so much easier well time for bed how to say goodnight before I close my eyelids
Oh yes, I did some funny things as a kid


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