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    I have encountered many giants in my life. Some I have conquered, but many have defeated me. I've come face to face with death and devastation. I've witnessed the sad reality of real poverty engulfing entire countries. I've faced more fears than I thought I had. I've gone to war. War with giants such as regret, heartbreak, addiction, and the loss of the people I love. I've fought for freedom and I have lost my own. However, I learned that suffering is only temporary. Without challenge, there can be no progress. The strongest of characters are seared with scars. People may catch a lance at the cars, but how could they completely understand if they have never felt the wound. Character is revealed when pressure is applied. When all hope seems lost, and the path gets dark, remember that resilience always triumphs failure. Giants may stand in your way but they are not invincible. Even they have a weak point if you look for them. There is a whole new world to see once you knock them down. A world of clarity, beauty, and elegnace. Where unrelenting love and pure happiness flows like a powerful river.we all face giants in some way or another. Don't let your giants block out your sun.
Marcus Hamlett


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