Scripture Read Count : 24

Category : Diary/Journal

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An unspoken mind, finally filling up sheets. I've lost my whole being a few times giving fruit to my demons while letting them keep misbehaving over and over again-ing. Screws are loose, a never ending construct with such an internal instruct built smack dab right into it. I'm finally through grieving most of it, now I'm back in it, repeat again non-sense, y'all want proof again about it, but lately I feel like I can actually say it, this heart of mine I'm a let love into it but I won't become blind to it, never again like that. A ghost of a person is what I became, always losing myself in the rain, I'm finally realizing every time I ghosted out on people everything that always happened after was all right there on me. Used to be that guy that hit on his best friends girls, always looking for quick escapes, lost myself in a lot of party days, still trying to kick most my ways so who's to say, maybe some might just be here to stay? I can't tell the future, I can see the picture, someday soon I'll finally understand the whole scripture maybe finally with someone else in the picture?


  • Sep 25, 2020

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