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Half spoken mind
My thoughts are reflections of hell
I suffer on my own going through this 
Highs and lows 

I am blind in my blessings 
I feel disconnected,  I keep second guessing 
The path that I  chose

I feel isolated,  no family and friends 
I am mentally numb 
I love to make it on my own 
But they hate me for celebrating alone 

I have no one to relate to 
I didn’t choose to be alone 
I just moved on and keep the distance 

I have dreams and they don’t 
They want to see me fall 
They want to see me quit but 
I have a mind of contentment despite my imperfections 


  • Sep 25, 2020

  • real gooď, feel this one is better than the last one you wrote, well done!!

    Sep 25, 2020

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