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In a land far far away, there once lived a raging fire who was unhappy everyday. 

Always alone, without any friends, he burns all he touches, though it's not what he intends. 

Tired and frustrated of his loneliness, he asked his Maker to remove his stress. 

In his misery, he heard water speak from the sea. 

"If you're looking for freedom, I am your only key."

Intrigued, he walked towards water from the dry land, but out gushed a stream of oil from underneath the sand. 

"I'll make you stronger and better. Come take my hand."

Oil sounded so convincing in his believable voice, that fire immediately thought this surely must be the right choice. 

Oil's voice hit fire to its core, but from the shore, water called out once more. 

"Fire oh fire, it is me whom you should desire."

But he took the hand of oil, and ignored the voice of water. In just moments, he began to feel stronger, even his flames rose higher. With more flames he could ever thought of, he finally had something he could be proud of. 

He headed back to the forest with his head held high and chest puffed out. Yet, he was burning everything he touched and that got him all stressed out. 

He had turned to ashes all the grass and the trees, killing all that he loved, as if he was a disease. 

Realizing the deception of oil and knowing he made such a grievous mistake, he finally saw that water was his real escape. 

So he quickly made his way towards the crystalline sea that had once claimed to be his freedom's key. 

He called out to water, filled with guilt and shame from his ignorant actions. Water responded, he felt comfort and pain from water's interaction. Perhaps fate had decided the two opposites' attraction. 

And so with every touch, fire lost a flame, until an unchained and free smoke was all he became. Rising his way up to the heavens away from the sea, the once imprisoned fire, was finally free. 


  • Sep 24, 2020

  • Sep 24, 2020

  • beautiful, really loved it, well done Zee

    Sep 24, 2020

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