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I want your throat to tremble like a rain soaked child 
I want the stories from empty eyes 
To hide in clouds and wound the skies 
How many rings will volatile lovers hurl at the moon ? Then scar the night with alcohol and shattered verse 
I want the stretched- out arms of unnoticed imperfect lovers 
I want you to hold my heart for me 
And believe that a river can contain the sea
How many remnants of watered - down moments must you attach to blind love 
Before you realise that bees can only sting once 
I want the lie that waits in sleep 
To pierce the night and pierce it deep 
I want the moths that dress in dust 
To sacrifice their wings for lust 
But oh were your eyes to hallucinate 
In the dreams of my imagination
You would trust the leaves that walk these quiet pavements
And were your lips to steal the sleep from under me then drown me as i woke 
I'd trust the words that linger in the sweetness of your throat .


  • Sep 24, 2020

  • Sep 24, 2020

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