24 Hours Become 10 Minutes Read Count : 20

Category : Poems

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Time passes too fast, 
Twenty-four hours 
Become ten minutes 
- Sometimes.  

A kiss can last as long as a blink.
 It takes a heartbeat to sleep. 
 Time runs and we run after it. 

 Time goes by too fast,
 Ten minutes is never enough
 To kiss the person 
You are in love with.  

Time passes over us and leaves traces, 
Some on the face, others in other places.
  Some signs that can be erased,
 Others that remain deep inside our glances.  

Time passes too fast
 And we can't stop it.
 We are left with pictures, 
Vivid memories in the lives we live in.


  • Sep 24, 2020

  • Great read, thank you.

    Sep 24, 2020

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