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Life is full with traffic lights. Most will be on green, let you pass without any problems and no risk or consequences. 

But some might be getting orange, meaning you can pass but should have been careful for any problems while doing so.

Just what will you do when you stand in front of a red light. When you took a wrong turn, or maybe a turn that was meant to be, and you have to stop and rethink.

Will you pass it and accept any consequences while doing or will you wait gently until the light gets green. But if you wait you might feel safe but also know that you didn't take a chance.

Passing the red light also means you can experience a change of a lifetime, something to talk about forever for the danger and the risk that was worth taking.

What will you do when you reach a red light in life?



  • Sep 23, 2020

  • Sep 23, 2020

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