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The darkness began your lightshow
A vision of hope
In a grimm painful event
I saw everything unfold and unravel
On the hospital wall
Saw all the cuttings
All the collections of gold
By the reptilians
Who could be invisible to human eyes
Yet for those moments
I could see them
On the hospital walls
Whispering to people
Influencing their decisions
I could see them
Then they changed into little bright rainbow sticks
Turning into a secret alphabet
Showing me their masculinity 
A private sex show
A crow growing into feathered adulthood
From the centre of my chest
From the seeds you planted in me
I wear all the people I have been close to
Like a decoracion on my skin
Saw you plant those seeds inside of me
So my vision would be altered forever
Beacuse of the seeds you planted in me
My lesson was my greed
How it has affected my health
My cannibalism of little animals
And how its made me sick.
I learnt the hard way
Don't let it happen to you


  • I burst my appendix Saturday night, I could not move on Sunday because of the pain and dizziness and disorientation, Monday a friend drove me to hospital where I was diagnosed and operated on immediately, came round Tuesday still under the anaesthetic because I was overjoyed and felt no pain, writing this Wednesday morning just feeling discomfort and weakness, be careful what you eat all I had that Saturday was ham and meatloaf and was an the worst agony and discomfort ever in my lower torso. hope ya all ok

    Sep 23, 2020

  • Sep 23, 2020

  • Sep 23, 2020

  • Sep 25, 2020

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