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My whole life I've been told to do this and do that eat this way you can't have that pie you too fat
I was never able to just take off and be free no restraints no one telling me what to do just myself doing things for me
Over the years it seemed that I had shackles on my feet to keep me from running away I had responsibilities bills to pay kids to feed I had no time to play
I would daydream being able to fly like a bird way up in the sky to go wherever it wanted to go up in the sky way up high
The day I was finally able to cut those shackles off I began to cry and now there's nothing holding me back just get on my bike give it some gas and watch me fly
To go wherever I wanted to go to be whatever I wanted to be to go see whatever I want to see
Driving down the highway with no cars insight then crossing the horizon as the sun begins to wake up and you see first light
There's so many places I still haven’t been but I go where the roads take me over mountains through deserts through the forests I just ride I enjoy being free 
I can get on the open road and give my bike some gas and watch it fly for I am free to roam like a bird in the sky
I like to feel the wind in my hair as I drive on the desert highways free as a bird in the sky, I have no destination in mind I follow the roads and I go where they go if you see me on the road just wave to me is I drive on bye
Even though I love to ride on those open roads there's nothing like going back home to say hi but they know I won't stay long because I'm free to roam like a bird in the sky


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