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Life is like a tree.

When a tree stands tall it can be strong for a full lifetime, or maybe even longer when it's roots go deep.

Starting young and weak with the care from the older ones to protect from a storm, making sure the young tree doesn't crack. Soon there will be nice young fresh leaves growing. A first sign of growing stronger. Yet the leaves lack personality and they all look the same. But the first sign of growing up are there.

Slowly the branches get more strong and the trunk gets more and more cracks of age. The fresh green leaves turned to solid darker green, a sign of the power of the tree. It managed to survive the early years of life, grown strong and shown resilient.

When the tree passes in time the cracks in the trunk will dry up, and now and then a branch will fall off due to age. It's green leaves turned to all different kind of colors red and yellow and the green slowly faded away. Tho the leaves don't look young and fresh anymore but for the first time the tree can show its own personality and not just copying what all others did. No more just a tree, but a proud one. Looking back on a glorious life so far.

Then the leaves are falling, the tree lose its color and life slowly go away from the once so proud standing tree. But it is not sad, for its life was good. Managed to reached all goals, even reached high up and touch the heavens. And there is happiness cause in its place new trees will have a change to grow. And in the end of its life the beauty of its wood is showing the wisdom of ages. And the beauty of age.

Life, a cycle not to be sad about but to be proud of any phase of the season it is in.

There is beauty in all seasons and cycle of life. Take advantage of that instead of longing back to what once was.

Life is beautiful.


Not based on experience other then anyone has in their own life. 


  • Mel


    So very true. What a lovely piece.

    Sep 22, 2020

  • Sep 22, 2020

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