Why She Said Yes Read Count : 29

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Why SHe said yes


Once upon a Time there was a girl ‘‘ Nora ’’ Her Father was a Fisherman. Nora was the Second of three children. she lives with her Father at Forest far away from country side. Nora was 4 years old  when her parents got separated. She left the town and started living with her father in woods. Her Father Used to Catch fishes at river and left Nora All alone in the Home. Nora’s Two siblings used to meet their Father During the Snowy winter, Nora used to Went River Side at evenings and tried to communicate with Water Recitals One day Nora was sitting on the bank Through pebbles into the water, Suddenly she heard some voices A boy of his age playing with a frog. Nora Met a boy and made a conversation, Years passed away with the meetings. 

     Basically the Whole story is based on a girl Nora , who she  has gone through the Several Un wanted anxieties From years and a changing chapters of her life , she lost the world by choosing hope. In the Story, The girl meets a boy and their relationship lasts for years but shockingly the Boy got disappeared without knowing her.



  • Sep 21, 2020

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