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When your now is broken
And your last arrow is spent
Then is the time to shoot high
With the whole of your heart

When your last coin is spent
In the multitude of needs
Then is the time to soar high
On the wings of courage

When you get into a tight corner
And everything goes against you
Till it seems as though you
Couldn't hang on a moment longer
That is the point
The tide always turn

You gain courage and confidence
By every challenge
In which you 
Stop to stare at the dear in the face
So say to yourself
I've been through many horrors
Now I can face the next
Then you can do once again
The impossible you think you cant!


  • Sep 21, 2020

  • Olalekan  Akomolafe

    Olalekan Akomolafe


    Oct 07, 2020

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