Mothers Love Read Count : 23

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Sub Category : YoungAdult
A mother's love is unconditional
You might say why I'm writing this
But my mother was everything to me 
She was a best friend to me
I was so close to her 
When I was younger I would get mad at her
But now that she's gone I feel bad all the things I did to her in the past I hope one day
My mother could forgive me I love her to death but now I feel like she gave me and my siblings all the love she could give us she was the best mom I've ever had like 
I'll never be able to see her again or even hear her voice love your parents before their gone because you never know if they'll ever wake up I wish I had my mom her alive right now but I can't bring her back to life I love her till the end but she was a great mom I had some great memories with her I love her forever and always 💗 but it's going to be hard to let her go on the funeral day


  • Sep 21, 2020

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