When Love’s Not For Me Read Count : 28

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I sit alone in the corner withering with 2 separate love notes about 2 separated rings. I die alone each moment not deserving for nobody’s love. Sometimes I keep the key hidden away and keep myself locked for anyone to enter in. I try to brace my lonely moments alive but still realize I’m miserable on this path not to participate of the joys and sorrows of others. Feeling so un committed to a dying passion I just can’t keep up anymore I lay with only dreams on my mind pretending if their really a reality. False hopes of my imaginations while I labor in vain. Times where I rather fall asleep permanently never to awake again by thr fears of my soul keeps me alive. And strives to build my connection but I have so much doubts and worries that keeps my mind away. It’s like who should I turn to if I really need love in my life. I know that’s what I only need to keep me pushing along the way, to give me new and refreshed hope and peace but instead I am not deserving of your time and your effort and your sacrifice. I am not deserving of kisses and intimacy. So keep yourself from holding my hand and deny yourself from holding me only if you dare. I just don’t deserve anything...


  • Sep 21, 2020

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