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Category : Diary/Journal

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Most times my heart seems confused with battles and wars hidden away beneath my shadows. I strike another day with indecisive moments in my time. Always distracted under pressure of what to do. Feeling like I’m in danger by my fears and I keep rebelling against the grain. Whenever I’m told to always follow my heart I always end up in a hurt and confused place and I realize that my heart is a dangerous advocate of my life left with tattered bruises of my soul that fouls along the paths of sorrows but it’s like I am troubled by these flames that over rides my mind keeping me bound in in my inner most thoughts scared for my life hiding away. Lower than I thought; I ran down the stairs with a heavy shadow of fear in behind me as I woke up. The presence of fear drowned me under still with a broken confused heart. I need something more powerful for the healing of my soul. It dries away beneath the meadows in an unstable way, so false to my reality.


  • Sep 21, 2020

  • Sep 21, 2020

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