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Above all that is on earth,
Is the Holy Lord,
 The only God I've learned about.

Above all, 
It is His name engraved in my soul.
Using it in my prayers, 
When I am searching the love.

We are made of dust, 
A leaf left in the wind.
We need to take a breath
 Through His healing lungs. 

 Above all that is, 
Is all that it was.
The only salvation of mankind,
 The only salvation was God.  

By the ground, the sky is supported. 
 Above all the evil we can receive.
 We can respond with goodness to the people, 
Who have not met yet the Lord.

 Above all that I am, 
It is the Lord who breathed my life.
And taught me to live,
 Through his prayers a life.


  • Sep 19, 2020

  • Sep 19, 2020

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